Trinidad and Tobago

With its sheet piling in disrepair and its structure weakened by corrosion, Berth 2 at Port of Brighton near the city of La Brea in the southeastern part of the island was in need of repair.

Rising to the challenge, Soletanche Bachy International and local Soletanche Bachy subsidiary Soletanche Bachy Cimas worked for 25 months to build a 352-metre retaining wall about five metres in front of the existing berth and a heavy loading area resting on piles.

The work – part of the Group’s range of infrastructure solutions and services for the oil and gas industry – was successfully completed in time for British Petroleum to launch its new Juniper ofshore platform from Berth 2 in January 2017.


National Energy Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago

Main contractor

Soletanche Bachy International – Soletanche Bachy Cimas joint venture