As part of phase III of Port 2000 in Le Havre, Soletanche Bachy has built two new berths, each 350m long, for container ships, with a draught of up to 17m. These
two berths follow on from the first ten built by Soletanche Bachy in the 2000s, during phases I and II.

The contract also included the construction of a 111 m return quay, a capping beam, associated dredging, antiscour protection, two 360 t dolphins, and the development of 47 ha of quaysides.

Last but not least, the project included a number of environmental measures: use of low-carbon concrete under the EXEGY by Soletanche Bachy brand, optimization of resources by proposing technical variants, improved management of slurry, use of water in a closed circuit at the concrete plant, and protection of neighboring ecosystems.


Port Autonome du Havre

Grand Port Maritime du Havre

Main contractor

Soletanche Bachy France (first phase contract)

Soletanche Bachy France – Atlantique Dragage joint venture (second phase contracts)